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AGV is an Italian company that produces excellent quality motorcycle helmets for over 69 years. It offers a wide range of helmets of all kinds designed for any use. From street sporting to off-road use.

Acronym of Amisano Gino Valenza, this abbreviation brings together the name of the founder father (Gino Amisano) and the city where the company was founded (Valenza Po). The famous logo, represents the profile of "Ago" (Giacomo Agostini) helmet seen from behind. The colors are those of the Italian flag, to reaffirm an Italian identity of which AGV has always been proud. Since 1947 AGV produces helmets for motorcycle use and over the years has always renewed to meet the new market demands and continue to be among the leading companies in the industry. Today AGV offers a wide range of innovative and technologically advanced full face, flip up and jet helmets for any type of use as: touring, racing, enduro, cross and everyday citizen use for scooters.