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Bell is one of the most historic brands of motorcycle helmets. Founded in 1956 in California as a branch of the main Bell Auto Parts company, Bell Helmet Company has always focused the production of helmets on maximum functionality and practicality, making Bell helmets a point of reference for motorcycle riders all over the world.

Bell Auto Parts was founded in 1923 in California. Roy Richter then produced the first race car helmet in 1954, giving rise to the Bell Helmet Company in 1956. Since then the brand has gained several records, such as producing the first full-face motorcycle helmet in 1968, the first full-face off road helmet in 1971 and the first bike helmet in 1975. Since then they have started several collaborations for the production of helmets for various sports such as football, baseball, skiing, skydiving and for the armed forces. The company changed its name several times, but what has never changed is the dedication and care with which every Bell helmet is made.