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  • AGV


    AGV is an Italian company that produces high quality motorcycle helmets from over 69 years. It offers a wide range of helmets of all kinds designed for any use. From street sporting to off road use.

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    Alpinestars is a company founded by Sante Mazzarolo in Asolo (TV) in Veneto. He started as a manufacturer of hiking shoes soon became a leader in the field of motocross boots. Today Alpinestars is one of the leading producers of motorcycle clothing, gloves, from jackets to boots.

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  • ARAI


    Arai Helmet always seeks to offer the highest quality and protection to the users of his helmets, still realized today with the same passion that characterizes the brand since its founding in 1937.

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    Founded in 1924 by Eli Belovitch and his son Harry, Belstaff immediately became a brand by the prestigious fame thanks to the ability to produce waterproof clothes but at the same time breathable. In 2002, the clothes are implemented with an anti-abrasion reinforcement.

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    Blauer is an American company that manufactures motorcycle clothing, full face, flip up and jet helmets. specialized in vintage, custom and café racer style, it has an high quality with an affordable price.

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    Caberg is an Italian company that manufactures full face, jet and flip up helmets made of polycarbonate or fiber. This company offers excellent value for money and an attentive eye to the production that has allowed Caberg to obtain excellent results to the SHARP tests.

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    Dainese is a motorcycle clothing producer born in Molvena in 1972. With a corporate philosophy focused on user safety and innovation of its products through research and development of cutting-edge products.

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    Grex is a trademark belonging to Nolangroup, an Italian company founded in 1972 by Lander Nocchi that produces helmets for motorcycle use. Introduced in 1993 within the Nolan Group, Grex immediately establishes itself in the market thanks to its excellent quality / price ratio and the safety of its products.

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    HEVIK is a motorcycle clothing brand that brings the Italian style in motorcycle and scooter clothing fiel. A wide range of safe, high tecnology and high impact look products. For those who love to travel safely but without sacrificing style.

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    Cellular Italia was founded in 1990, the year zero of the mobile phones, as a distributor for the first mobile phones. In 2005 Cellular Line presents its first Bluetooth Interphone and over the years, has earned the full confidence of motorcyclists, thanks to the extreme functionality and reliability of its devices thus becoming the perfect travel or city companion.

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  • IXON


    IXON aims to equip riders with products specifically designed to give comfort and security, providing equipments for every budget and for every style lovers.

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    In 1991, ten years after the trademark registration, Giuseppe Visenzi, founder of Givi brand, took he company and brand changing the name to Kappa. Following the name change, Kappa began to export its products and since then kappa continues to produce and export their products all over the world with high quality standards and attention to details.

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  • KLAN


    A manufacturer of heated clothing, from jackets to gloves, from pants to socks. A complete collection suitable for both motorcycle and outdoor activities use.

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    Was founded in 1972 in Reggio Emilia, Headquarter base of research and development of a leading group in the field of international radio communications. Manufactures and distributors of high-tech products.

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    Nolan is a trademark belonging to Nolangroup, an Italian company founded in 1972 by Lander Nocchi that produces helmets for motorcycle use. Over the years it has acquired a lot of importance on the market thanks to the safety, reliability and care of its products.

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  • PMJ


    All it born in 2009 thanks to a motorcyclist passion and the ability of a company operating for thirty years in the clothing fashion industry. After a year of study and planning, we were able to create a fashionable and at the same time a technical product.

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    Born in 1956 in California, Premier is one of the most famous manufacturing companies of helmets for the motorcycle world. Subjected to rigorous quality and safety controls, Premier helmets are characterized by an high attention to detail and quality of the materials with which they are produced.

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    The adventure of REV'IT began in 1995 when Ivan Vos, leader of a Dutch company importer of motorcycle clothing, decided to create his own motorcycle clothing brand producing articles with a fair price, but without losing sight on the product quality, making the quality / price ratio a priority key of REV'IT!

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    Shark is a French company that produces motorcycle helmets, which was founded in 1986 in Marseille, France by former professional racers. Since then SHARK designs helmets that guarantee high levels of performance and safety and that exceed safety standards. SHARK’s ethos is always to push the technical boundaries and innovate so that each and every biker and racer can enjoy the sheer pleasure and freedom of riding in complete safety.

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    SHOEI is a company that produces improved technology helmets since 1958. The company began thanks to the determination of its founder Eitaro Kamata, who designed and used his first helmets exclusively for the racing field. And today SHOEI still produces among the best racing and touring helmets in the world, using only the finest materials and taking care of details in every single helmet.

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  • SIDI


    The history of SIDI was founded in 1960 as a small workshop of mountain sports footwear. 70s specializes in the production of motorcycle and cycling footwear boots. Thanks to tradition, innovation, comfort and design SIDI today is one of the leading companies in the field of motorcycle footwear.

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    The SPIDI story begins in 1977 with its founder Renato Della Grana, who made his first of leather gloves models designed to improve safety and driving performance on two wheels. Today Spidi not only produces gloves but also touring jackets, pants, racing suits, shoes and much more. Today from more than thirty years SPIDI produces motorcycle clothing created with a great sense of passion for motorcycling.

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    Stylmartin is an italian company manufacturer of protective boots for motorcycling use. The high quality of the materials, together with the craftsmanship and the comfort of every footwear, made Stylmartin an icon in the world of international motorcycle competition.

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  • TCX


    TCX is a company of Treviso manufacturer of protective boots for motorcycling use. Founded as Oxtar over the years it has changed its name to TCX, and thanks to heavy investment in research and development, the company has managed to achieve high levels of technology positioning TCX among the best manufacturers of motorcycle boots in the world.

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  • X-LITE


    X-Lite is a trademark belonging to Nolangroup, an Italian company founded in 1972 by Lander Nocchi that produces helmets for motorcycle use. In 1998 has been introduced the X-lite brand which the Nolan Group began the production of composite fiber helmets. X-Lite immediately establishes itself thanks to the superior quality of raw materials and the advanced technology and safety of its products.

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