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Small ideas can have a big impact. Especially on mountain bikes there is a lot of potential with new ideas to overcome old problems. The company likes to tinker and think for so long, until a simple yet ingenious solution is found. In the end, a product is often created that has never been thought of before. With PUSH components they want to create a platform to make their favorite ideas accessible to others.HOOKABIKE has emerged from many ideas. 

To get to the perfect trail, you sometimes have to carry your bike, often over long distances. In a short time, pain in the back, neck or arms occurs. This is because the bike is off-balance on the shoulders, needs to be held firmly, and presses the load from the downtube primarily to the right shoulder. Another problem is that you don't have your hands free to hold onto the mountain in a difficult passage. Thus was born the idea of developing a plate with a hook for the backpack, which distributes the load evenly and holds the bike firmly.

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