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Caberg is an Italian company that manufactures full face, jet and flip up helmets made of polycarbonate or fiber. This company offers excellent value for money and an attentive eye to the production that has allowed Caberg to obtain excellent results to the SHARP tests.

Caberg is an italian company of Bergamo with a constant look to the future and the desire to make design helmets of innovative technology. This philosophy has created a number of successful models that implement new solutions. In addition it was the first Italian company, and second in the world, to introduce on the market the flip up system helmets strongly believing in the project. Over the years, the strength of Caberg was conceiving smart helmets, combining aesthetics and functionality. The production is constantly monitored through a very strict quality control procedure which guaranteed to 8 models of the range to get an excellent score in the SHARP safety tests performed by the Department of Transportation of the United Kingdom.

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