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Forma is distributed in 70 countries worldwide and the entire collection is developed in Italy and produced exclusively in the European Community.The Forma brand is now recognized as one of the most innovative brands in the motorcycle boot business.

Based in Altivole (Treviso) Italy, the company is surrounded by quality shoemakers, where they have elevated the standard of motorcycle boots and have made a name as one of the most innovative boot brands in the world.

Maximum attention is given to safety. All of the range is CE approved EN 13634:2015 by the main Italian Testing and Research centre Ricotest.

The goal of the Forma brand is to continue its growth in the future to become one of the leading brands worldwide. The enthusiasm shown in the product range, the potential to offer only the best products together with the excellent assistance to the sales distribution network through sponsorship investments in the main World Championships has been done to make the brand more recognizable.

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